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Test Systems

For 30 years we have been conceiving, developing, realizing and installing advanced test systems for vehicle systems, components and electronic control units - as turn-key solutions from one source.



Our specialists for vehicle dynamics, electronics, mechatronics, measurement and control technology, mechanics and information science use the comprehensive kit of Xpack4 real-time platform, CarMaker/HIL simulation environment, CarMaker, actuators and sensors and join them to an optimal solution for the desired application; if necessary in cooperation with partners from test bench and plant construction companies. The unique combination of automotive engineering, suspension technology and vehicle dynamics has the advantage that our customers quickly and effectively reach their goal in the race for innovation.

Our products range from turn-key Standard HIL simulators for different applications to individually developed customer specific mechatronic test bench concepts. They are all based on our high-performance, modular real-time platform Xpack4 and CarMaker/HIL or the vehicle specific variants TruckMaker/HIL or MotorcycleMaker/HIL. Customers that are already equipped with real-time hardware from dSPACE or ETAS also have the possibility to use the full functionality of the simulation solutions from IPG.

Xpack4 Platform

The Xpack4 platform offers optimal prerequisites for maneuver- and event-based testing. High-performing test automation is capable of processing extensive maneuver catalogs with a multitude of test variants. The combination of the virtual test driver, IPGDriver, and interactive maneuver control is the centerpiece of this solution. It performs event-based maneuver jobs and instructions for action with millisecond-accuracy. A major benefit: In the maneuver process flow the environment enables direct access to all signal parameters and HIL tools such as diagnosis, failsafe test, application and calibration systems plus internal control unit parameters via CCP/XCP in hard real time. Complex, time-critical drive test are thus modeled easily, reliably and efficiently – with high reusability of various vehicle objects. more...


The FailSafeTester enables you to simulate electrical faults, e.g. cable brakes or short circuits, freely programmable and fully automated. The FailSafeTester can be used as a stand-alone product or integrated in a HIL TestSystem to directly test the effects of failures in the virtual vehicle. more...

Standard Test Systems

We provide complete hardware-in-the-loop test systems to which numerous chassis, drive train and damping control systems can be directly connected by plug-and-play. These simulators can easily be extended for further applications. The HILSystems allow you to comprehensively analyze performance, functions, failure behavior and diagnosis of ECUs as well as the behavior of the bus systems - everything on an optimally harmonized system with maximum productivity. more...

Individual Test Systems

For your individual development tasks we discuss and elaborate the best solution from the concept to the ramp-up for your organization. Use our experience! We provide customer specific further developments of our standard Test Systems, mechatronic system test benches and networked test systems and test plants. Whatever you have to test - steering, brakes, active suspensions, active stabilizers, tires, axles or drives - we work out your requirements and realize, deliver, install and validate the test bench until it is ready for use. more...

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